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OldCP Item Bugs

OldCP.biz is sometimes filled with bugs. One of the few glitchy issues are the clothing items. These clothing items are from the old club penguin in 2006-2007. They can be seen in the playercard, but not in the in-game penguin sprite, even when you try to add it using the “/newcp” command. Sprites from 2006-2007 were always there, on the playercard and in game. It’s just the in game item sprites were missing on the penguin. The items are the following:

Black Letterman Jacket
Item ID: 281
Item Type: Body Item

Screenshot at Jul 03 09-24-51.png

Screenshot at Jul 03 09-24-01.png


Black Sneakers
Item ID: 352
Item Type: Feet Item

Screenshot at Jul 03 09-27-45.png

Screenshot at Jul 03 09-25-50.png


Acoustic Guitar
Item ID: 234
Item Type: Hand Item

Screenshot at Jul 03 09-28-37.png

Screenshot at Jul 03 09-29-13.png

I hope these oldcp bugs will be fixed as soon as possible.

Mascots Meet-Up June 2018

June 28, 2018 on server Marshmallow. Club Penguin Rewritten users meet up with four members of the Penguin Band: Franky, G Billy, Stompin’ Bob, and Petey K. Just earlier before recording I got the four stamps, and during the first few seconds I got the band’s autograph. Lots of penguins and lots of emoticons. Most of the rooms were crowded.


Mascot Playercards

Screenshot at Jun 28 15-33-43.png

Stompin Bob


Screenshot at Jun 28 15-34-12.png

G Billy


Screenshot at Jun 28 15-34-22.png



Screenshot at Jun 28 15-34-32.png

Petey K




Screenshot at Jun 28 15-32-29.png


Screenshot at Jun 28 15-36-37.png


Screenshot at Jun 28 15-41-28.png