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Sensei’s Fire Scavenger Hunt

The fire scavenger hunt on club penguin rewritten is a small event. It started on November 8, 2018 and ends on November 15, 2018. Here, the island has turned orange from the fires, and the main thing is to find 8 fiery items. It turned orange because it probably has to do with the new card jitsu.



Screenshot at Nov 10 07-29-56.png



Screenshot at Nov 09 17-51-18.png

Dojo Courtyard


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-51-53.png

Ninja Hideout



Screenshot at Nov 10 07-33-35.png

a group of ninjas on club penguin rewritten


Scavenger Hunt

Screenshot at Nov 09 17-27-41.png

Screenshot at Nov 10 10-39-20.png


Here, you’ll need to find 8 fiery items. Not too hard to find, but a bit tricky.


fire item 1 – ski lodge
fire item 2 – book room
fire item 3 – pet shop
fire item 4 – mine
fire item 5 – pizza parlor
fire item 6 – cove
fire item 7 – beacon
fire item 8 – dojo courtyard
Screenshot at Nov 09 17-28-20.png

fire item 1


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-29-14.png

fire item 2 (the left candle)


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-31-16.png

fire item 3 (puffle in a cage)


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-31-59.png

fire item 4


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-32-59.png

fire item 5


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-33-35.png

fire item 6 (the campfire wood)


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-34-14.png

fire item 7


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-35-17.png

fire item 8 (the left lantern)


Once you’ve completed the scavenger hunt, you will receive a prize, which is a Fire pin.


Screenshot at Nov 09 17-46-28.png

Screenshot at Nov 09 17-43-28.png





Enjoy the event on club penguin rewritten.

Halloween Party 2018

October 31, 2018

Halloween Party 2018

Screenshot at Oct 31 17-45-16.png

Club Penguin Rewritten’s 2nd halloween party in 2018 It started on October 25, 2018 and ends on November 1, 2018 There are same decorations from last year, as well as the candy scavenger hunt and some free items, but there’s a new side quest in for store. There is a quest for gariwald. This quest takes place in gariwald’s mansion at the Forest, where you do a key scavenger hunt, and then later find a way into the ghostmatron 3000. You will be given a free background and a transform into a ghost.

Free items:
Pumpkin Basket – Plaza
Pumpkin Antennae – Completing the candy scavenger hunt
Pumpkin Head – Haunted House
Screenshot at Oct 31 18-45-31.png

Pumpkin Basket – Plaza


Screenshot at Oct 28 15-54-36.png

Pumpkin Head – Haunted House



Screenshot at Oct 28 15-57-11.png



Screenshot at Oct 28 15-58-53.png



Screenshot at Oct 28 15-39-07.png



Screenshot at Oct 28 15-54-00.png

Mine Shack


Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2018

Screenshot at Oct 30 18-38-52.png


The halloween scavenger hunt on club penguin rewritten is a cool puzzle, though it is quite hard to do. Mainly there are 7 candies to collect around the island, and once you complete the scavenger hunt, there is a prize, which is a Pumpkin Antennae.

candy 1 –  Mine

candy 2 –  Ski Hill

candy 3 –  Mine Shack

candy 4 – Stadium

candy 5 – Gift Shop

candy 6 – Pizza Parlor

candy 7 – Lighthouse

candy 8 – Dance Lounge
Screenshot at Oct 31 17-56-08.png

Candy 1


Screenshot at Oct 31 17-57-08.png

Candy 2


Screenshot at Oct 31 17-58-27.png

Candy 3


Screenshot at Oct 31 18-00-02.png

Candy 4


Screenshot at Oct 31 18-00-59.png

Candy 5


Screenshot at Oct 31 18-01-37.png

Candy 6


Screenshot at Oct 31 18-02-18.png

Candy 7


Screenshot at Oct 31 18-04-12.png

Candy 8



Halloween Party 2018



Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2018



Enjoy the party on club penguin rewritten.